We supply and fit every type of carpet from wool twists to manmade loop piles to suit all budgets. When you’re looking for carpets it seems like there is an endless amount of styles and colours to choose from. Each pile has its own strengths and qualities and should be matched to your requirements.

We offer free expert advice on all of our products.  No job too big or small for our professional carpet fitters whether it is domestic or commercial.

The feel and smell of a new carpet provides the finishing touch to any room, but some carpets suit different areas better than others.  All carpets are made with wool or synthetic yarn and quite often a combination of both.

There are many different to choose from but can be broken down to a few categories.

A twist pile is the most popular carpet. It is the best all rounder and is made by twisting yarn tightly to give you a tough yet smooth feeling underfoot. They come in various styles and tend to be plain or flecky. Most twists are made from 100% synthetic materials or 80% wool and 20% synthetic.

Loop piles gives a textured finish to your floor. It is suitable for most rooms in the house and ideal if you want a more rustic look. Because of the nature of the pile it is very hard wearing but not so good with our clawed friends.

If you prefer a more traditional look to your floor then patterns can be the carpet you are looking for. There are various types of patterned flooring from a standard man made cut pile print to a wool wilton or axminster. Quality and price can vary hugely with patterned so choosing the right design and style is key when choosing this carpet.

These two piles give your room a feel of luxury and comfort. They suit less heavy wear areas and are ideal for sinking your toes into.